The true story of “I got lied.”

Comedian Sindi Somers

And now for… the history of getting lied™.
By San Diego Comedian Sindi Somers

My grandma is a very sweet lady, but she gets upset at some things I do. She says I use improper grammar and words incorrectly. One day I was visiting her with my dog and my grandma said,

“Where did Ginger go?” I replied, “she went in the other room to lay down.”

“It’s LIE down!” My grandma corrected me and then proceeded to tell me the rule. “When you’re talking about inanimate objects, ‘I’m going to lay the hairbrush down.’ When it’s living things, it’s lie down.”

“Okay grandma.” I said, “I’m going to go get lied™ then.”

The above is a true happening in Sindi’s life with her grandma. It is a copyrighted story and now an onstage joke. © copyright 2011 – 2012 all rights reserved by Sindi Somers. This led to the creation of Sindi’s I got lied.™ t-shirts. Scroll down to find out more! Nothing on this or related sites or blogs can be reproduced in any way without written permission by Sindi Somers. Thank you!

Photo of Sindi at the mic courtesy of Bryan Loven of First Dance Photography

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